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Readers’ Forum for Oct. 12, 2011

Candidates’ forum format raises questions

As an unaffiliated voter, several questions need to be answered regarding Tuesday’s upcoming public forum at the Cultural Center.

Why aren’t alternative days, dates, times and larger venues chosen to increase registered voter attendance? To be fair and balanced, why aren’t registered voters residing in the city allowed to ask questions?

With a bipartisan city council, what does our longtime one-party rule have to hide? Maybe they’re afraid that their voting records will be questioned.

From past conversation with the Executive Director of our local Chamber concerning previous times, dates and locations of other public forums, he has been adamant and consisently scheduled them on first and third Tuesday evenings.

Has he forgotten about the Lions Club, a longtime Chamber member, which has met for more than 60 years? Why didn’t his political committee schedule our upcoming forum on second or fourth Tuesday or Saturday evenings?

Having resided in large and small cities throughout both of the Carolinas, I have attended numerous political forums on Saturday evenings in large taxpayer auditoriums similar to the Citizens Center in which candidates and incumbents actively sought their constituents’ questions.

Who is responsible for designing the candidates’ and incumbents’ questions?

What safeguards have been implemented to prevent questions being leaked? Will an objective moderator residing outside of Lincoln County ask additional questions?

Will Charter Communications televise the open forum on its public access channel? If not, why not?

When will a second forum be conducted in a larger venue, with voters to ask questions from  the audience and televised by Charter Communications?

Robert A. Tomlinson,


Willingness to serve speaks volumes

I think the citizens of Lincoln County deserve to know that they have a sheriff and a major who do not ask others to perform tasks that they are not willing to do themselves.

Several times recently, I have witnessed Sheriff David Carpenter and Major Lee Caskey sweeping the bathroom floors and halls of the Sheriff’s Office, as well as cleaning the bathrooms and mopping.

With all of the responsibility that these two officers have, they are still willing to perform menial tasks, and this has made a very positive impression on me.

Charlie Green,


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