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Legislator embraces new technology with development of ‘app’

N.C. Rep. Jason Saine has apparently taken the ubiquitous phrase, “There’s an ‘app’ for that,” to heart.

Saine — who represents the 97th District, which is Lincoln County — announced last week that he has created an application, or “app,” for Android smartphones and devices to be used for campaign and legislative communications.

The app will allow his constituents and other interested parties to stay up-to-date on issues and legislation, in addition to joining his campaign’s email newsletter.

Saine already has a campaign website, a Facebook page and a Twitter account, all of which supporters can follow by using the app. They can also use the app to donate to his re-election campaign.

In the press release, Saine discussed his motivation for releasing the app, saying, “I want to be very accessible and keep people in the loop with what is going on in Raleigh and how it impacts their lives here at home.”

“With so many people using smartphones and tablets these days, why not create something that communicates with them where they are?” he continued.

Saine added that he hopes the app will allow him to better connect with younger voters by sparking their interest in the legislative process.

As one of the younger members of the N.C. General Assembly, Saine said he feels like it is his responsibility to “help get everyone engaged in the process.”

Named “Jason Saine for N.C. House,” the app is available in the Android Marketplace for Android users. He is also working on an app for iPhone and iPad, which should be ready by mid-October.

Saine previously told the Times-News in September, after his first couple of weeks in office, that he valued social media as a way both to keep his constituents informed and to provide an open line of communication. And he re-emphasized in his announcement that he also wants to use it as a means of showing his personality.

He joked in the release that “geek can sometimes be chic,” adding that he hopes “this leads the way for other elected officials to adopt more transparent means of access for their constituencies.”


SARAH LOWERY, Staff Writer

Image courtesy of Seth Mabry

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