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Hospital goes all out for breast cancer awareness

Carolinas Medical Center-Lincoln has gone all out in promoting National Breast Cancer Awareness Month for its employees and the public. Even the fountain that graces the entrance to the hospital is filled with water dyed a deep pink.

Pam Null, marketing and community outreach coordinator for the hospital, said the month-long awareness program is a “call to action” for hospital employees as well as the public.

“Our employee population is largely female, so we are trying to reach all of them with information about breast cancer and how important early detection is,” Null said.

CMC-Lincoln has been using digital mammography equipment for four years. Not only is the new equipment more comfortable for the patient, it is also much more effective at diagnosing the cancer at an earlier stage.

“The new equipment can see a cancer as small as a grain of salt,” said Deanna McGinnis of the Radiology Department. “It’s like regular TV to HDTV to put it in layman’s terms.”

Early detection is the key to surviving breast cancer. Yvonne Canipe, also a Radiology Department employee, credits a routine mammogram with saving her life. Canipe is a one year survivor. She had no family history of breast cancer, so she was stunned when she was first diagnosed. After surgery and radiation treatments, she has recovered well and is thankful that her cancer was caught early.

Canipe was among eight to ten other survivors who were honored during the hospital’s kick-off event Monday. The survivors were diagnosed as early as 1999 and as late as 2010. Those who survive the disease for five years have a 95% survival rate according to McGinnnis. “Early detection is the key to survival,” McGinnis said.

Any woman over age 40 should have an annual mammogram. To encourage members of the public to get their routine screenings, the hospital will be providing “Goody Bags” and raffles for those who come in for mammograms during the month of October.

Mammograms are offered at both the CMC-Lincoln Main Campus on McAlister Road in Lincolnton and at the Imaging Center at Catawba Springs Commons located at 275 Highway 16 North in Denver. To schedule an appointment, call (980) 212-1400 for the Lincolnton location and (980) 212-7075 for the Denver location.

MARTHA K. SEAGLE, Staff Writer

Images courtesy of Seth Mabry and Contributed

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