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Man dies in crash near Maiden

A single-vehicle wreck in Lincoln County over the weekend left one man dead and another facing serious charges. The incident is the seventh Lincoln County fatality this year, up 100 percent from four deaths in 2010 according to Sgt. B. Hipp with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol. Both Joshua Morawietz, 25, of 5939 East Highway 27, and 50-year-old Alan Chenault, were traveling down Springs East Road, where Chenault lived, when the 1995 Honda they were riding in slammed into atree authorities said.

Chenault, who was a passenger in the vehicle, died on impact. Morawietz was rushed to Carolinas Medical Center-Main with potentially life-threatening injuries according to Kim Green with Lincoln County Emergency Medical Services. Green also noted that it took authorities 25 minutes to extricate Morawietz from the vehicle, but troopers said he has since been released from the hospital. Authorities charged Morawietz with a DWI immediately following the wreck after they discovered that he had high levels of alcohol in his body at the time of the crash.
However, Sgt. Hipp noted that no alcohol was located inside the vehicle.

Morawietz has also been hit with second-degree murder and careless and reckless driving according to Trooper Casey who worked Sunday’s scene. Authorities remain unsure as to whether or not the two men were on their way to or from the victim’s residence when the incident occurred. In addition, Morawietz’s exact blood alcohol level has yet to be determined at this time troopers said. Sgt. Hipp revealed that the NCSHP’s reconstruction team plans to review the incident and crash site in order to determine further details in the fatal wreck. North 321 Fire Department and Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies also responded to Sunday’s wreck. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol is conducting an ongoing investigation.

Jenna-Ley Harrison, Staff Writer

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