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Let’s change the way county values property

I am a Lincoln County native and live in Unicoi, Tenn. I own 17 acres of land and a home under construction in the Hog Hill community.

My belief is that the county government has overstepped its bounds with its current assessment and revaluations of our property.

Here are several proposals for your consideration and eventual establishment as state law:

The first proposal is that land only be revalued when it changes hands between owners. Second, that the county only be allowed to revaluate the dirt itself and not our improvements, or the ever-expanding list of personal and business items the county defines as “real property.” Third, is that the county only be allowed to revaluate land in its present use and not what they decide to be the “highest and best use.”

These proposals along with a balanced budget law will limit the burden that officials can pass along to those of us who are working to care for and improve our property.

The proposals will help protect property rights, provide income in our pockets to circulate in the economy and limit the increasing liability from county mandates and expenditures. I will look for your support on this through electing new county commissioners who embrace these ideas.

Please email comments and suggestions to: LincolnCountyLandowners@usa.com.

Matthew Gilbert,
Unicoi, Tenn.

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