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Demolition crackdown

Lincolnton city leaders made an important improvement in the oversight of demolition projects with their unanimous vote Thursday to approve an ordinance amendment.
They also put some teeth into the new law, which could result in fines and forfeited bonds for anyone who thinks they can get away with ignoring what the city says.
With excellent work by the city’s planning staff to ensure that no loopholes exist, these provisions should go a long way toward clamping down on the type of abuses that led to recent problems.
This is a good instance of city leaders recognizing a problem, thinking it through and taking appropriate action to prevent recurrence.
When a textile mill in Boger City was foreclosed on last year, the partially demolished property went into limbo. It was an eyesore in a prominent location. It was a nuisance to neighbors. It was an unsafe temptation to area children. And it was a breeding ground for snakes and vermin.
It took initiative from city leaders at that time to get things moving in the right direction. Provided a final bit of negotiation between the new property owner and the adjacent rail owner can be resolved, a new supermarket should soon grace that sight.
But city leaders correctly recognized that having to intervene every time something like that happens and having to let it get to that point, is not acceptable to citizens of Lincolnton.
The action taken Thursday is deemed appropriate. Just throwing a new law at a problem might be a good political ploy.
But in this case, the law is clearly created with considerable thought and with considerable clout.
The hard work of city staff and the intelligent leadership of the mayor and City Council are greatly appreciated.

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