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Today we give thanks

For our children who have grown up over the last decade and never known an America not at war;
For the men and women, military and civilian alike, who have sacrificed on fields of battle from the hellhole of Mogadishu, to our embassies in Africa, to the USS Cole, to the skies over Pennsylvania, to the towers of Manhattan, to the Pentagon, to the barren wastes of Afghanistan, to the bloody streets of Iraq and to the countless hidden places where evil lurks and must be rooted out;
For all who love freedom and crave justice;
And for all who have prayed that evil would not go unpunished,
Today we give thanks to our Creator and to the brave Americans of the CIA and special forces who have fulfilled their mission by ridding the Earth of a great blight.
66 years to the day after the death of another enemy of mankind, a powerful victory over darkness has again been achieved.
Today we also give thanks to our leaders, Presidents Barrack Obama and George W. Bush, who did not waiver in their determination to defeat the forces of hatred.
Admittedly, they each made some poor choices, both in the execution of the fight against terror and in other areas of policy. Because we are free and because we do not fear brutal reprisal, we can and should speak out when our leaders come up short. It is in part for the right to question our commanders in chief and have a government of our own choosing that we have endured this fight.
Our political system is at times divisive, but our unity is greater than our divisions.
In our celebration over this triumph, let us be sober. The death of Osama bin Laden will not by itself bring peace to the world. We would like to think it will make the world safer, but even of this we cannot be certain. It may be that for a time his fanatical followers will hate us even more and be driven to further acts of aggression.
The death of Osama bin Laden will, however, give notice that justice is served and that one less thug inhabits our world.

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