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Local 4-H in need of volunteers

Extension Agent
4-H provides unique, informal and educational opportunities for adult volunteer leaders to work with children. Have you ever considered the key role you could play as an adult volunteer and mentor to children?
Through teaching children practical 4-H subject matter, adults help youth develop into competent, caring individuals who are able to cope with their lives. As a volunteer leader, you have the potential to guide the development of young individuals.
There are five major life skill areas: 1) personal development, 2) communicating, working and relating to others, 3) problem solving and decision making, 4) acquiring and analyzing resources and 5) managing resources.
Why are these life skills so important? The acquisition of these life skills contribute to a person`s self-esteem. Without positive self-esteem, children do not have much of a chance of achieving personal success as well as becoming competent, contributing members of our society.
Research has shown that 80 percent of kindergartners feel good about themselves, but by the time they have reached fifth grade, that figure has dropped to 20 percent. By the time they are seniors in high school, the figure has dropped further to 5 percent.
Although home is the best place to begin developing positive self-esteem, help is needed from outside the home as well. Today, often both parents work and there is not enough time spent between parents and children.
Self-esteem, the key ingredient that motivates or discourages a child is also the catalyst for failure or success.
Children, who feel that they are liked, wanted and valuable, grow up to be competent and contributing members of our society. They become leaders in our communities, making decisions for the rest of us.
As a 4-H volunteer you can make a difference in children`s lives by giving two to three hours per month.
A 4-H Volunteer Leader Training will be offered on July 29 in Lincolnton. To register or for more information about becoming a 4-H volunteer, contact the 4-H office, NC Cooperative Extension, Lincoln County at (704) 736-8458.

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