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Free camp for kids

Without Walls Deliverance Center is offering a free Bible-focused camp to all area children.
“I get to see my friends every day,” said Justice Clark, 13, a camper. “We have awesome teachers. They’re great. I couldn’t ask for a better summer.”
The camp is run by volunteers 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. It is funded by the center.
“My goal is to really keep their minds active and provide a place for them to come and be free and learn about the Bible,” said Gerald Hamilton, youth pastor.
Without Walls Deliverance Center formed in August 2009. It moved to its current location at 118 Colonial Village Drive in February.
Since July 6, its provided a free camp to anyone between the ages of 0 and 18.
“We wanted to do something for the community,” said Sayyeida Shank, program coordinator. “There’s a lot of children in this area, so we definitely want them all to come out.”
The camp is also serving as a site for Lincoln County Schools Seamless Summer Feeding. Breakfast is provided at 8:30 a.m. and lunch is provided at noon.
“It’s absolutely free,” Shank said. “The camp is going on, and parents are welcome to drop them off and let them stay.”
Campers are split into three age groups and spend the day eating, playing, going on field trips and learning about the Bible.
“They like interacting with kids their own age and going out n the community and going to see different things they don’t see on an everyday basis,” Hamilton said.
Above all, he hopes the camp builds self esteem.
“They’re important as people and as individuals to the community,” Hamilton said.
The camp started out with 15 campers, most of whom were children of volunteers. Now, nearly 60 attend.
“It’s just started to explode,” Shank said.
The camp’s curriculum is focused on the books of the Bible. Campers have worked to learn their order, the names of important figures and proper spelling. Bible trivia happens daily.
“We get to learn about God,” said Kevin Lopez, 10.
While they do have to memorize things, campers say its much more fun than school.
“You don’t have to take tests,” said Brittany Solera, 12.
For more information, call (704) 740-6512.
by Sarah Grano

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