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Hof Textiles has expansion plans

From Zetafelt to Zetatherm, a local company makes non-woven fabrics that can be found in almost every vehicle.
In 1992, Hof Textiles began production of non-woven fabrics for automotive and apparel applications at the Indian Creek Industrial Park.
“Non-woven fabrics have a huge variety of technical properties,” Dr. Lothar Hackler, president and CEO, said. “It takes a lot of research and development to create the material.”
According to Hackler, the non-woven fibers are mechanically, chemically or thermally stretched and bound in order to create the finished product.
“Eighty percent of our production line is for automotive applications,” Hackler said.
Applications such as Zetatherm and Zetafil are thermally bonded fibers used in creating hood liners for vehicles, he said.
Non-woven fibers bonded by stitching (Zetstitch), are used in seats and in the interior trim of vehicles.
In the early 1990s, Hof Textiles made only non-woven fabrics for apparel, Hackler said.
“Think of it as a sandwich,” he said. “The non-woven fabric is in between the lining and outside fabric.”
Non-woven fabrics created at Hof Textiles are distributed to a manufacturer that applies the material to various applications.
“Our products are created for both safety and comfort,” he said. “They are flame retardant and water repellent.”
Hof Textiles has grown by 60% in three years.
“We plan on expanding in the number of employees and machinery in 2008 and 2009,” Hackler said.
Hof Textiles is a division of the family-owned company, Textilgruppe Hof in Germany.

by Lisa Brown

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