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Company provides coating

What do military forces, the oil industry, marine vessels, and motorsports have in common?
At first glance, you would think nothing. But they all use a company located at the Denver Industrial Park.
Calico Coatings provides industries with a special coating that reduces everyday wear and tear on parts.
Calico Coatings was founded in 1997 by President and CEO Tracy Trotter.
David Adams, operations manager, describes Trotter as an innovator and forward thinking.
According to a brochure printed by the company, the coatings are created to withstand the extreme temperatures of hot and cold.
Coating is applied to parts such as pumping stations in the oil industry, hulls and rudders on marine vessels, and the ejection seat tracks for the military.
“We also provide high performance coatings for the motorsports industry,” Adams said.
The coated engine bearings reduce the possibility of catastrophic failure, he said.
Calico Coatings is planning on building a larger facility at the Balsam Ridge Industrial Park in Denver. It is to be completed in mid-2008.
“We are a rapidly growing company,” Adams said. “Seventy percent of our employees come from Lincoln County.”
Job opportunities will be made available as the company continues to expand.
The consumer doesn’t have to be from a large industry to have parts coated.
A person, for example, can bring in a V-8 engine and have it coated for a reasonable cost, he said.
Calico Coatings continues to be a leader in the coating industry.
“We are constantly working to improve the coating and application process,” Adams said. “We want to continue providing great service for our customers.”
by Lisa Brown

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