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Ministry a friend to the elderly

(This is the fourth story in an ongoing series celebrating the 30th anniversary of Christian Ministry of Lincoln County)

The Nursing Home Ministry may not be Christian Ministry of Lincoln County’s most well-known component, but those who benefit from it cherish it.
“They just brighten up when someone goes into the room and spends time with them,” said Linda Baxter, activities director at Cardinal Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, of residents. “They feel really special.”
The Nursing Home Ministry organizes monthly birthday parties at the Brian Center, Cardinal Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, Heath House and the Lincoln Nursing Center.
“I think we bring a little bit of happiness and a little bit of caring into those residences to show them that we haven’t forgotten them,” said Susan Brymer, director of Christian Ministry.
A birthday present is given to every resident celebrating a birthday the month of the party and all the other nursing home residents enjoy cake and soda. Sugar-free options are available for those with dietary restrictions.
“It’s a break from their routine, and who doesn’t like someone to remember their birthday?” said Doris Little, coordinator for the ministry.
Besides celebrating birthdays, the Nursing Home Ministry also organizes individual volunteers. They’re currently recruiting more.
“They don’t have to be here all day, every day,” Baxter said. “Once a week for 30 minutes makes a big difference.”
Rosemary Hubbard, a volunteer, enjoys the time she spends with residents, and she feels they appreciate her as well.
“Some people have no shortage of people wanting to see them, but then you have others,” Hubbard said.
Volunteers read, sing and simply sit and talk.
“Everybody needs to feel important to someone,” Little said. “If you don’t want to talk to them, let them talk to you because there is a wealth of knowledge and information, and they want a chance to tell it.”
For more information on volunteering with Christian Ministry of Lincoln County’s Nursing Home Ministry call Little at (704) 735-6396.
by Sarah Grano

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