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Job Connection helps turn life around

When Vincent Miller walked into the Goodwill Job Connection in Lincolnton, he had a number of things working against him.
First of all, there was his driving while impaired arrest.
“Bad mistake – 20, drinking, not good,” he said.
Then there was his past, which included an unplanned trip across the United States and “getting into some trouble.”
By time the 23-year-old Pittsburgh native found himself living with his relocated parents on a farm in Vale, he was jobless with no car.
“I was stuck on a scooter and limited to this town,” Miller said. “It was slim pickings.”
Nora McIntyre, career development specialist at Job Connection, however, liked what she saw.
“He was very eager to go to work,” she said. “He was ready to go.”
And so, while others refused to hire someone with an arrest record, McIntyre helped Miller get a job at the Goodwill in Lincolnton. He started in February.
Now, he’s a model employee, and the work he does helps fund the organization that helped him get the job.
“He’s excellent – over the top,” said Charlotte Williamson, assistant manager of the Lincolnton Goodwill location. “He just comes in wound up, and he winds tighter as the day goes on.”
Miller, who works as a donation processor, lugs donations into the Goodwill storeroom, places them in bins and takes them inside the store.
He credits “sobriety and a little growing up” with his success.
“You can have fun while having stability,” he said. “You just have to plan things more.”
A city boy at heart, there are things about living in the country and working in a small town that mystify him (including wild turkeys and the loss of Lincolnton’s only bowling alley).
But he enjoys his work and the friendships he’s made with coworkers and customers.
“My day flies by,” he said. “I get here, and the next thing I know, I’m like ‘Where’d my day go?’”
For more information on Goodwill Industries Job Connection call (704) 732-6844.
by Sarah Grano

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