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Lincoln joins list eligible for federal disaster funds

Lincoln County and nine other counties in the region are now eligible to apply for federal drought-related agricultural disaster assistance, according to officials in U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry’s office, R-10th District NC.
Farmers who have incurred losses due to the drought can apply for federal emergency credit loans and should notify their local cooperative extension agent of Farm Service Office as soon as possible.
The first step, officials said, is to prepare disaster declaration requests and farmers can contact the local extension office McHenry’s office toll free at (800) 477-2576 or visit the following websites at:FSA:http.//offices.sc.egov.usda.gov/locator/app?state+nc&agency=fsa.
To reach extension agents, visit:http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/index.php?page=countycenters.
The drought has decimated an estimated $80 million in hay, pasture, and forage throughout North Carolina, yet the full damage is yet unknown.
by Olin Ericksen

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