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Simplicity key for 2007 design

Lincoln County’s Apple Festival T-shirts have a new look for 2007.
“We were looking for a little bit more simplicity in the designs,” said Gary Lee, president of the Arts Council of Lincoln County.
Selling Apple Festival T-shirts is one of the non-profit organization’s biggest fundraisers. With more than 10,000 people attending the festival and only 435 shirts made, they sell out quickly.
“It’s a great way to get the word out to the community about who we are and what we do,” Lee said.
Karen Carnes, owner of Hoke Signs, and her staff designed the new logo.
“Everybody here has input on everything that goes on and that makes it more of a team thing,” she said. “We’re just like one big family here at the shop – all of our employees, everybody supports everybody in everything.”
The result of this team work? A design that’s “simple and pretty and pretty much to the point.” Carnes looks forward to soon seeing it worn around town.
“That’s neat,” she said. “It’s always a good feeling.”
The shirts are now available in lime green, yellow, light blue and white.
Youth sizes are $10; adults sizes are $15; extra-extra-large shirts are $17 and totes are $12.
The are on sale in Lincolnton at Kate McCall, located at 317 E. Pine St.; The Lincoln Cultural Center, located at 403 E. Main St.; Carolina Furniture Mart Inc., located at 644 N. Aspen St. and Melamoose, located at 119 E. Main St.
On the day of the Apple Festival, they will be sold at two booths: one located in front of the James W. Warren Citizens Center and another on the front yard of the Lincoln Cultural Center.
Those who visit the booth can also pick up information about a logo-contest the Arts Council is promoting. The non-profit is seeking entries from both children and adults for logos that “reflect the arts council is all about.”
by Sarah Grano

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