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Chamber job a challenge

The Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce is an organization that may prove helpful to people who move to the area from other cities.
Crystal Gettys, who works in membership services at the chamber, knows exactly what it’s like to be the new kid in town. The Siler City native moved to Denver last July with her husband Darrell, who has lived in Lincolnton and Mooresville for the past 10 years and is Executive Director of Facilities for Lincoln County Schools.
A lifelong resident of Siler City, Gettys says she was nervous about leaving her hometown at first.
“There were a lot of adjustments I had to make, but I have no regrets whatsoever,” she said.
Gettys attended Central Carolina Community College in Sanford, as well as the Coach’s Training Institute in Atlanta, where she studied personal and professional life coaching.
Career-wise, Gettys says her background is in business and marketing.
“I’ve been in sales for the past 15 years,” said Gettys. “I like working with people.”
Some friends told her about the membership services position with the Chamber, and Gettys had a feeling it would be a perfect fit.
“I wanted to get into something I felt like I could contribute to,” she said.
And contribute she has.
Since beginning the job in March, Gettys has taken on an enormous amount of responsibility. She sits on a number of chamber committees, including promotions, transportation, community development, ambassadors and the chamber’s East Lincoln Area Council.
She has helped Chamber president Ken Kindley get out in the community and visit with Chamber members.
Gettys is also shouldering responsibilities outside of the Chamber.
“I am now sitting on the board of directors for Junior Achievement,” said Gettys.
Gettys is also partially responsible for one of the Chamber’s newest ventures, the Crazy Crew.
Created through the ambassador committee on which Gettys serves and based on a similar program employed by the Catawba County Chamber, the group has been surprising member businesses with shows of appreciation for their support and membership since May.
“Ken felt it was a great idea and asked me to take charge and make it happen,” Gettys said.
Yet Gettys is reluctant to take much credit for the Crazy Crew’s success, instead naming the program’s sponsors, including BB&T, Plus Pages Publishing, Abernethy Chrysler Jeep Dodge and A to Z Promotional Products, as the real heroes behind the Crazy Crew.
“It’s all possible because we have wonderful sponsors,” she said.
As far as Chamber members go, Gettys says the feedback has been very positive.
“Everybody’s just been so appreciative and excited about it,” said Gettys. “We’ve had a great response from it.”
In addition to the Crazy Crew, Gettys has been working on various projects for the Chamber, including promoting events and educating the public on the Chamber’s involvement with the community. She is also currently working on several new ideas to offer Chamber members.
Gettys says she’s pleased with everything the Chamber is doing right now.
“It’s come a long way,” she said. “Ken’s done such a wonderful job.”
Aside from her duties with the Chamber, Gettys is also a golfer and an active member of Beth Haven Baptist Church in Denver, where she sings in the choir.
She and Darrell just built a new home and are dealing with their two daughters, each from previous marriages, both being in college.
“It’s empty nest syndrome a little bit,” said Gettys.
Gettys says she plans to stay in the area and with the Chamber, as she’s quite happy with both.
As a relatively new resident of Lincoln County, Gettys can relate to those just moving to the area and wants them to know this is a community that will welcome them with open arms, just as it did her.
“Lincoln County offers a wide variety, from farmland to the lake area,” Gettys said. “It doesn’t matter where you go, people are friendly and welcoming. You just don’t meet a stranger.”
by Allyson Levine

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