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Loose Lips

We wish Martha W. Lide all the best as she takes over as interim county manager Stan Kiser, who was recently terminated; and this is by no means any reflection upon Ms. Lide, but we believe it must be expressed.
Stan Kiser got it right.
Word of his impending dismissal of county manager should have come directly from the county commissioners, not several weeks earlier via the rumor mill.
That it did occur in this manner is reprehensible. Whichever county commissioner(s) responsible should step forward and do the honorable thing: admit the situation was mishandled and publicly apologize to both Kiser and the citizens of Lincoln County.
Regardless one’s opinion regarding how Kiser carried out his responsibilities, he deserved better. So do the people of Lincoln County.
Commissioners had better recognize they need to treat employees and ordinary citizens with respect and dignity. They had better remember they are the servants to the people, not the other way around.
by Steve Steiner

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