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East Lincoln County park to be ready by Spring 2008

After 10 years in the making, residents of east Lincoln finally saw visible progress for a park in their area. when Lincoln County Parks and Recreation held a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday evening for the Beatty’s Ford Access Park, which is expected to be open by spring 2008.
“It’s thrilling for me because I’ve been working on this project so long and we’re finally going to move the dirt and the trees,” said Sylvia Holmes of the park’s groundbreaking, who was instrumental in bringing the park to east Lincoln.
Commissioners Marie Moore and Jim Klein, along with chairman Tom Anderson attended the event, as did dozens of local residents and children.
“This has been a long time coming,” Anderson said. “This will be a wonderful addition to Lincoln County.”
Anderson also highlighted the new park also set for West Lincoln and urged east Lincoln residents to visit that park as well.
“It will have many things we will not have here,” he said. “I hope they take time to come here too.”
Holmes said the park will have many family oriented activities other than usual park activities such as ball fields.
“People can just come and enjoy,” she said.
A recycling program will also be implemented, Homes said, where the park’s trash will be recycled and information on how to recycle will be available to residents.
Local Frisbee-golf players donated Frisbees for the disc-golf course.
Local radio station Kiss 95.1 also donated funds to the park for playground equipment in memory of fallen police office Sean Clark, who was killed in Charlotte.
The radio station held an on-air fundraiser and Clark’s family designated the money to towards the Beatty’s Ford Park.
“That is heart breaking to me and yet it will be a wonderful benefit to the children in this community,” Holmes said.
Holmes thanked Duke Energy Corp. for leasing the property to the county, as well as East Lincoln Betterment Association which reimbursed her for materials she purchased for a presentation to commissioners to get the park.
Director of Lincoln County Parks and Recreation Erma Deen Hoyle also said she was thrilled with the start of the park after years of work.
“We’re just excited to be here for this,” she said. “We’re really looking forward to opening up the park this spring.”
Hoyle said she thanks the many people who attended the many sit down meetings as progress began.
“We had so many people who contributed their ideas,” she said.
by Maribeth Kiser

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