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Senior group spreads good news through song

A group of local seniors have been spreading some good news about Lincoln County.
The Golden Voices, made up of seniors from area churches, spend their free time going around to other churches and nursing homes singing and performing skits.
“We enjoy it,” said member Angie Taylor. “I’ve been singing since I was a little child. It’s just what I like.”
The group, who has been performing for approximately four years, is led by Judy Grice, choral director at Boger City Baptist Church.
Grice originally started the group at the church as the Senior Saints, but thought it was a good idea to open it up to the community.
Each year Grice picks a program to learn with a Christian message. In years past the themes have ranged from yard sales to baseball games.
But this year is all about the spreading the good news, including songs such as “How About Some Good News!”, “Jesus Cares” and “Share His Love.”
Now up to more than 25 members, The Golden Voices practice at the church every Tuesday afternoon.
Spending time and getting the group ready is something Grice enjoys.
“I love it. I’ve worked with seniors since 1983,” Grice said. “I call them my grown up kids. I just like working with them.”
Group members don’t mind all the work either.
“I thought it was a great opportunity. I love to sing,” said Gladys Hull, who has been performing with the group for the last four years.

Judy Grice leads the senior singing group as they practice their art. Chris Dean / LTN Photo

A lot of the members have been performers all their life and felt The Golden Voices was a good way to continue that.
“I’ve been trying to sing since I was 23 years old,” said member Gordon Ramsey. “I just keep on.”
Soloist Martha Ramsey’s performed in quartets and trios with her daughter for a long time.
“It’s been part of my life for many, many years,” she said.
Because many of the group are seasoned professionals, Grice doesn’t have to worry about any performance jitters.
“They’re hams,” Grice said.
Whether they are experienced vocalists or just sing in the shower, members feel the group is a great way to meet new people and express themselves.
“We have the opportunity to go out and visit the nursing homes,” said Gordon Ramsey. “Maybe we can bring a little cheer to them.”
The Golden Voices will continue to perform this summer, next up is the Heath House.
If you’re a senior, enjoy singing and meeting people and have the time, the group may be right for you.

For more information on The Golden Voices, contact Boger City Baptist Church at (704) 735-5371.

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by Mary Williams

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