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Never stop learning

Saturday is going to be a momentous day for the Class of 2007 students of Lincoln County’s four high schools.
It goes without saying this will be a day fraught with emotions, at time exhilarating as well as filled with tears.
For a number of students, even those who make not think so, this will be the last time they wear a cap and gown and participate in a commencement service of any sort.
For others, the next step will be receiving their bachelor’s degree four years hence.
For still others, the march down the aisle and up to the podium to receive a further degree will not arrive in the standard four-year timeframe.
Regardless what the future holds in store for these, the Class of 2007, please bear in mind that education is lifelong. While for those of you for whom formal education is at an end or shortly will be, never stop or cut back in your effort to keep yourself educated and up-to-date — be it for personal interest, civic duty, keeping up with today’s ever-rapid advances in technology, or any myriad of reasons.
Remember, there is a reason graduation ceremonies are termed commencement exercises. These are a beginning, not an end.
by Steve Steiner

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