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LKN SK8 team tops

A Denver team of adolescence skated away with second place at a national skateboarding competition held in Minnesota April 26-29.
The team from LKN SK8 Shop, made up of youths ages 11-18, finished the fifth annual Top Shop Team Skateboard Competition and Trade Show, held earlier this year in St. Paul, Minn. just three points from first place.
The event fielded 55 teams from around the country.
It’s quite a start to a group of skateboarders and the site they practice, which has only been open approximately a year.
The team, as well as their friends and other youths in the area frequent LKN SK8 Shop, which is owned by Steve Davis.
Davis opened his shop last year, which also provides a skate park for local skaters.
“There wasn’t anything around here for the kids to do,” Davis said, explaining why he opened the site. “I did it for the kids around here. I just did it for a local place for the kids to buy boards and have a place to skate.”
Davis’ devotion is partly rooted in the fact his son, Jackson, is a skateboarder who has shown a remarkable talent for the sport; so much so he has participated in numerous competitions across the U.S., picking up sponsors along the way.
“My son has been riding competition skateboarding since 2004,” Davis said.
But was Jackson a shoo-in when it came time to assemble a team?
“We got riders that we sponsor, from all over,” said Steve Davis, owner of LKN SK8 Shop. “I picked the five of my best riders; one of them was my son, Jackson Davis.”
As for the rest of the squad, Jackson son met some of his Top Shop team members at a camp in Pennsylvania.
The competition in St. Paul required the team to fly to the event. Davis’ provided the trip for his team where they competed and met with big-name sponsors such as Etnies and DC Apparel.
“The skate shop covered all the airfare and all the rooms, rental cars and the food,” Davis said. “It didn’t cost the skaters a dime. A lot of skaters had to cover it, but LKN covered everything.”
“I was happy to finish up second after 50 teams. We took over $5,000 in cash and prizes,” Davis said. The LKN team won best run and also best trick, at $1,000 each.
“I split it up with the kids,” Davis said. “The skate shop gets a lot of direct deals through manufacturers in California and all over. They did the skating, I didn’t take any of the expenses out. They deserve it.”
Davis said one rider rode Friday, two went on Saturday and another two rode on Sunday during the competition.
“They combined the riders all together to come up with the total scores,” Davis said. “We were in first all the way up until Sunday.”
Six professional skate judges from Florida, New York and California helped determine the winners.
“It was strictly a street skating competition,” Davis said. “Just like riding on street boxes. They were judged on trick and style.”
by Maribeth Kiser

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