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Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant earns Polished Apple

Because it recently completed a major rehabilitation project to its building that included additional tables and booths, renovated restrooms, new flooring, exterior painting and more, Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant was presented with the City of Lincolnton Polished Apple award.
The City is beginning this award program to provide an incentive for positive design improvement in hopes that it will encourage more physical improvements throughout the city.
“We are extremely happy to present Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant with the City of Lincolnton Polished Apple Award,” said Beth Yarbrough, Polished Apple Award Chairperson. “Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant is most deserving of this award and we commend Mazatlan management and staff.”
The Polished Apple Award is presented by the Polished Apple Award Review Committee. The review committee has established criteria for the award based on building design, relationship of building to site, landscape and site treatment, signs, and maintenance. Property owners may apply or improvement projects may be nominated to receive the award. For more information on the Polished Apple Award, contact the City of Lincolnton Business and Community Development department at (704) 736-8915.

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