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A matter of common sense

It’s a simple enough solution. Something inexpensive that can be accomplished in a relatively short amount of time; time enough to save a life — perhaps yours or someone you love.
It’s placing numbers on residences and businesses visible enough to be seen from the road.
Currently, only 82 percent of structures in Lincoln County have addresses correctly posted. While that percentage may be good enough for some, it’s not good enough for the people who need it most: those in law enforcement, firefighters, EMS personnel.
Here’s another figure to mull: 8-to-9 percent of EMS responses are delayed because structures are not properly marked.
The situation is perhaps most dire in the rural sections of the county, where sometimes it breaks down to a process of elimination through trial and error.
It’s a shame that $12,210 will have to be spent mailing 3,300 postcards urging people to do what should be a matter of common sense: safeguarding themselves, loved ones and personal effects.
Let us hope this effort, regardless of cost, saves lives and spares people from needless heartbreak.
by Steve Steiner

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