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Farmers Market opens in Denver on Saturday

This coming Saturday, May 5, is a date that I hope will be the start of something big.
The Denver location of the Lincoln County Farmers Market will open at 8 a.m. that morning and operate until about noon (or until sell-out).
The market will be held in front of Rock Springs Elementary School on N.C. 16. We really appreciate the support of Rhonda Harrill, Rock Springs principal, and Lincoln County Schools in allowing the market to use the school campus.
The market will continue to operate on Saturdays only throughout the growing season.
Lets’ take a look at what will be available on opening day.
Grateful Growers Farm will feature their locally grown pork products. Specifically, they will have breakfast sausage (mild and hot), Italian sausage, bratwurst, unseasoned ground pork, boneless ham roast and pork chops.
Grateful Growers is operated by Natalie Veres and Cassie Parsons in nearby Pumpkin Center.
Houston Produce will be bringing strawberries, lettuce, green onions and vegetable transplants.
Bobby and Patsy Houston’s farm is located in northern Mecklenburg County.
Lineberger’s Berry Hill Farm from Iron Station will also be bringing strawberries. This farm is owned by Harold and Patsy Lineberger, who also operate Maple Springs Farm in Dallas.
We really need to appreciate our strawberries this year because most of our other fruit crops were wiped out or seriously damaged by the freezes over Easter weekend.
Lucia Siochi from the Denver area will be bringing a variety of plants.
We won’t know all the vendors until market day arrives. We’ve had inquiries from a number of craft vendors, and we hope some of them will be on hand.
One vendor who won’t be there yet is Wong Victor Herr from Catawba County. His field-grown cut flowers were set back by the freezing weather but we look forward to seeing him a little later in the season. He sells beautiful bouquets of cut flowers at very reasonable prices.
I hope you will come out and support this new market. A strong response from the community will result in more vendors and a greater selection of products.
Talk to the vendors about the other items you would buy at the market if they were available. Remember that this is the first day of a brand new market and that it will take a while for it to develop. But the potential is great.
If you are interested in being a vendor, check out the market guidelines at www.lincolncountyfarmersmarket.com or call us at (704) 736-8452.
I hope to see you on May 5!
by Special to the LTN

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