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Setting up a sweet shop

West Lincoln just got a little sweeter.
The Wagon Wheel Sweet Shop, which serves cheesecakes, danishes, breads, coffee, candies and more, opened on N.C. 150 West March 16.
“It’s nothing fancy. It’s easy-going,” said co-owner Anna Heavner of the western-themed shop.
All the baked items sold at the shop are delivered fresh from Charlotte bakeries. The shop is geared towards customers grabbing coffee to go as well as those who want to sit for a while and “not feel rushed to leave.”
Heavner’s fellow co-owner is Casey Coomer. The two women met three years ago when Heavner worked as a tutor in a special education class Coomer was teaching.
“I liked the way she worked with kids,” said Coomer of their blossoming friendship. “It just fit.”
Coomer home-schools her own son, Calon, 17, who is mentally handicapped. He’s one of the main reasons she and Heavner opened the sweet shop.
“I wanted something I could pass on to him,” Coomer said. “We went through a lot of different ideas.”
They finally decided on their shop, which served coffee, sweets and breakfast items all day long.
Both women live close to their new business. This makes taking care for Coomer’s son easier.
“If Calon’s having a bad day, and he’s not feeling well, she can go back home to him,” Heavner said of Coomer.
Calon comes to the shop often. He grinds coffee, stocks shelves and uses the cash register.
Other family members also come in and out of the shop, and that’s just the way Heavner and Coomer want it.
“That was our main goal – to have a family business,” Heavner said.
The shop is currently open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday.
Since the shop is so new, however, hours may change as the women learn their customers’ needs.
“We’re still trying to figure out what’s best for Lincoln County people,” Heavner.
Want to go? The Wagon Wheel Sweet Shop is located at 1894 N.C. 150 West in Lincolnton and is open Monday through Saturday. For more information call (704) 530-4271.
by Sarah Grano

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