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Eight-year-old gives birthday cash to a good cause

A North Brook Elementary School student gave up her birthday money in honor of her great-grandmother.
“That’s what we did for her birthday,” said Shannon Ferguson, Meredith’s mother. “Instead of presents, she wanted to take it to them.”
Meredith Ferguson, who turned 8 on March 22, gave $165 to Hospice of Cabarrus County. Her great-grandmother, Margaret Eudy, passed away in January following a battle with bone cancer.
“It just came very suddenly. She was fine at Christmas,” Shannon said. “It was a shock to everybody.”
Meredith loved her great-grandmother’s fried pies and homemade dumplings. When she visited the 86-year-old woman’s farm, she would play with her dogs and feed her chickens.
Giving her birthday money away to Hospice made her “happy.”
“Other people needed that help,” she said.
Thinking about her great-grandmother, however, makes her cry.
“She’s tender-hearted,” said her mother.
Their great-grandmother left behind more than memories to Meredith and her sister Madison, 9.
Like Eudy’s other 28 great-grandchildren they each have a handmade quilt. They also have canned food yet to be eaten.
“She didn’t waste anything,” Shannon said. “If she could can it, it was canned.”
Eudy lost her husband when she was 50 and spent the next 36 years managing the farm in Cabarrus County herself.
“She kept up that place,” Shannon said. “It was hard to do.”
She remained active until the month of her death, which she spent largely in the care of Hospice of Cabarrus County volunteers.
“They comforted her, and anything she needed, they gave her,” Shannon said.
Meredith is proud she gave her birthday money to the place that cared for her grandmother. She was going to ask for a scooter, but knows it’s better this way – “because I did something right.”
She and her sister miss their great-grandmother and will remember her fondly.
“She was just a loveable great-grandmother,” Madison said.
by Sarah Grano

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