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Women take on weights at Y

The Lincoln Family YMCA’s program Women on Weights hopes to encourage its female members to take on muscle building.
“What we’ve noticed is a lot of the women, they come in, and they’re intimidated by the weight machines and the free weights,” said Jenny Drennen, one of the program’s organizers.
Drennen believes a little education will take away that intimidation.
“We just teach them proper form, teach them things that they can do with free weights and the cables that they’re otherwise sometimes intimidated by,” she said.
The four-session class, which starts this week, costs $50. It takes place from 11:30 to 12:30 p.m. Thursdays.
This is the third installment of Women on Weights. Organizers have found it to be successful in the past. Extra instructors have had to be added to keep the ratio in the class five students to one teacher.
Women of all fitness levels participated.
“When we first started, we had all ranges,” Drennen said. “We had some that had been taking just body-sculpting classes, and then we had others that never touched the weight, and so we kind of tailored the class to their ability.”
Form is a major focus in the class. Without the right technique, people can be injured, or simply not get the results they desire.
“We’re not building big muscles,” Drennen said. “We’re just sculpting.”
Drennen emphasizes the importance of combining weight lifting with cardiovascular work.
“If you just do strength training, you’re not training your heart,” she said. “The cardio helps with lung capacity, and it also helps with the heart, and the strength training helps with muscle and bone density.”
And the older you are, the more important it is to keep muscles and bones in top condition.
“As we get older, we lose muscle,” Drennen said. “As you lose muscle tone, you don’t have the posture you need, and also the weight training helps you build bone, which is important as you get older because you lose the bone density. You also lose muscle each decade of your life.”
The weight training women learn in the class won’t just be limited to the YMCA equipment. Women will also learn how to do sessions on their own – whether at home or on vacation.
Want to go? Women on Weights will begin Thursday at 11:30 p.m. at the Lincoln Family YMCA in Lincolnton. The four-session class is $50. For more information or to sign up call (704) 748-9311.
by Sarah Grano

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