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Students get head start on spring style

The students at Head Start in Lincolnton ushered in spring with a fashion show at the James W. Warren Citizens Center Thursday.
“She liked pink, and I like pink, and pink is a spring color, so we decided to go with pink,” said Michelle Pulley of her 3-year-old daughter’s outfit.
All 112 students at Head Start dressed to the nines and participated in the performance.
“Every year, we have a parent-teacher event, and this year we decided to have a fashion show,” said Bernetta Ingram, a teacher assistant at the school. “This way all the parents get to know everybody.”
The mood backstage before the show was “chaotic,” but all the 3- to 5-year-olds looked adorable. Patent leather shoes, Easter hats, ties and vests were all in abundance.
“All the kids are so beautiful,” Ingram said. “I’m just overjoyed.”
The show opened up with students singing the ABCs and numbers in Spanish. Following their shaking and air-guitar strumming, parents and their children walked the “runway.”
“I was nervous,” said Sharon Rinck after taking her turn on the stage.
How did her 4-year-old daughter Victoria feel?
“Pretty,” she said.
Fathers, mothers and grandmothers all walked the stage with the students while an appreciative audience clapped.
“He’s excited because he gets to do it with his daddy,” said Elizabeth Wail of her son.
Like the children, many of the guardians wore their best – including three-piece suits. Some children twirled and curtsied on stage. Others nervously eyed the crowd.
Organizers deemed the event a success.
“This is our first year, and hopefully this is something we can do year after year,” said Candy Walker, bus driver and substitute teacher for Head Start.
The goal of the event wasn’t just to show off polka-dot dresses. It was a chance for parents to spend time with teachers, other parents and their children.
“I love it,” said Mandy Thornburg, mother of 5-year-old Brooke, of the school. “They work with the parents to accomplish their learning.”
Catherine Maynor, who has two children in the school, echoed that sentiment.
“It helps them learn a lot better before regular school, and the teachers are real good teachers,” she said.
Sometimes the learning goes a little too far, however.
“She’s speaking English and Spanish. It was difficult for her, but now she’s speaking too much English,” joked Daniela Moron, mother of 4-year-old Katalina.
by Sarah Grano

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