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Branch supervisor known for her book recommendations

Selina Keever always knew she wanted to spend her life working with books.
“I think reading is a relaxing escape,” said the West Lincoln Library branch supervisor. “You get to travel to places you never get to go to. It’s just a time you get to put everything aside and think about something exciting or romantic, whatever the case may be.”
Keever, 40, has worked in Lincoln County’s library system since November of 86. She’s had a few jobs outside of the system, but always comes back to the books.
“I’ve done almost every different job that’s possible in the library system over those years,” she said.
For the past five years, she has worked as branch supervisor at the West Lincoln Branch Library. She’s come to know her patrons very well, and many rely on her for book recommendations.
“We have people who don’t go to the shelves and look,” she said. “They never browse.”
Instead, they trust Keever to recommend a book they’ll love. Keever is always happy to oblige.
“Once we get to know our patrons, we get to know their likes and dislikes,” she said.
She tries to only recommend books she’s read herself, and if she doesn’t know a new patron, she asks them “What is a book you really loved?”
For Keever, the books she really loves are fast-paced and suspenseful. She also has a place in her heart for the classics.
Reading is a regular part of her life, but she can’t say the same for her husband or 23-year-old son.
Her husband “doesn’t read unless it’s sports related.” And her son? “It just breaks my heart to say he’s not a reader.”
As branch supervisor, however, Keever has plenty of readers filling her life, and she’s always happy to do her part to keep them entertained.
She plans to remain a member of Lincoln County’s library system for many years to come.
“Our library has become like a family,” she said. “We’ve always been really close.”
Selina Keever will be writing a monthly column in the West Lincoln section recommending books. It debuts today.
by Sarah Grano

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