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Sometimes mere words can never express depth

Jill Eaddy is owed expressions of gratitude and thanks for her 33-year career in education, especially for her dedication to students with special needs.
It’s a given that being an educator is a difficult undertaking. Hours are long; pay is low; ability to control a class and meter out discipline when necessary oftentimes highly restrictive; rewards many times few and far between — the litany is lengthy.
However, when a teacher makes the deliberate choice to dedicate a career to instructing a group of students who often are left out of the mainstream and shunted aside, it speaks to the heart of all of us.
These individuals with special needs face a lifetime of barriers and challenges that are daunting. As students, they often are singled out for mockery and abuse by the peers in social settings — as students who aren’t afflicted are wont to do. In adulthood, they are often relegated to menial tasks often demeaning.
That a loving teacher like Jill Eaddy took it upon herself to provide her students with an education, as well as reinforce her charges with positive images of themselves, thus provide them with hope…well, what words are there one can truly say?
Lincoln County is certainly richer thanks to Jill Eaddy. With her retirement, Lincoln County will certainly be poorer. All we can say is, all of us are fortunate that her successors are already in place, ready to continue on the path she foraged.
Thank you, Jill, and God bless.

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