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Dozens sign up for trip

When organizers at Salem Baptist Church started planning a mission trip to Wyoming, they expected a half dozen people to sign up to go.
Instead, 39 church members plan on participating, which means the church needs to raise $20,000 to get them there and back.
Retirees, couples and families with young children will all do their part to clear out land at a Southern Baptist camp in Casper, Wyo. this July.
“Which isn’t just a little hop skip and a jump kind of trip,” said the Rev. Andy Royals.
The land cleared will be used as a retreat for adults and a summer camp for children. Participants will be staying on the campsite throughout the duration of the trip.
“It’s not going to be like staying at the Marriott hotel,” Royals said.
Because the church has a new sanctuary and a new mortgage, the $20,000 will have to be raised between now and July, and organizers plan to depend on more than just yard and bake sales.
First up is a tractor show in the Lincolnton High School Stadium on May 12. Funds raised from concessions and admission will go towards the trip.
Next up will be a spring “SingFest” on May 18 at the Lincolnton High School Stadium. Event organizers are encouraging area gospel singers to perform at the event.
“If it takes until midnight, everyone gets to sing two songs in a row,” Royals said.
The biggest event will take place on May 31 when the nationally-known southern gospel group The Hoppers will perform at the James W. Warren Citizens Center.
“We’re pretty sure we’ll sell out the Citizens Center,” Royals said.
The Citizens Center seats nearly 1,300 people. Royals believes he’ll have to turn people away in order to keep the fire marshal happy.
“He’s likely to show up too because he likes southern gospel,” Royals said.
Royals feels confident these three events will fund the church’s mission trip. If any money is left over, it will be put in a fund for next year’s mission trip.
Mission work, he says, “is just what part of Southern Baptist work’s all about.”
He’s especially excited that a number of children are attending this summer’s trip. He hopes the work will turn into a lifetime of service.
“The main thing for them is just to go and catch that fever,” Royals said.
by Sarah Grano

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