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Seminar helps participants heal

Many people who go through a divorce aren’t prepared to handle the pain that comes with it.
“Some people don’t even realize what’s going on with them,” said Melinda Houser, a family and consumer sciences extension agent.
DivorceCare, an eight-week support group put on by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension, helps participants heal from the intense pain of divorce.
“They go through the same grieving process as they do if their spouse died,” Houser said.
The seminar began in February and will last through the end of March. It is being held at Boger City United Methodist Church.
Meetings include a video presentation and a discussion afterwards. Participants include people who are divorced, separated and simply considering divorce.
The majority of people involved in DivorceCare have spent at least a decade married.
“And all of a sudden, you’re by yourself, and it’s hard to accept that,” Houser said.
Some participants enter the group shocked. Others are dealing with anger issues. Still others have to face financial difficulties.
“The amount of money coming into a household can go down because you’re separated or divorced,” Houser said.
While there are no easy ways to fix the pain of divorce, DivorceCare does give participants sound advice.
“We’ve had a lot of people being able to move on and pull their lives together,” Houser said.
Some couples have even been able to reconcile.
“It’s the individual’s choice,” Houser said. “They make the choice. We don’t make it for them.”
If nothing else, DivorceCare offers a place for people to talk about their feelings, which range from anger to depression.
“They need people who understand that they can talk to,” Houser said.
Houser has been conducting the sessions for the past five years.
“If there’s a need, we’ll do it at least twice a year,” House said.
And as far as she can tell, there seems to be a need, not just in Lincoln County, but all over.
“There are more and more of these sessions being offered in other counties,” she said.
The next session in Lincoln County will likely take place in the fall.
Those interested can contact the North Carolina Cooperative Extension at (704) 736-8461 or Boger City United Methodist Church at (704) 735-7513.
by Sarah Grano

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