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Secret for harmonious work and home life is synergy

Don’t talk to SLD Unlimited Marketing/PR owner, operator and president Sherrй DeMao about balance in life and career.
The 22-year marketing veteran doesn’t believe in that concept. For her, it’s all about synergy.
DeMao is trying to change minds, one seminar at a time.
Called “Me, Myself and Inc.,” the seminar is designed to foster creativity through achieving work/life synergy.
DeMao defines synergy as taking different components of something and adding the components together, thereby having more.
The different components, according to DeMao, could be goals having to do with either business or personal life. Pulling everything together – the components – give people more fulfillment.
“The whole philosophy with balance is something which needs to be taken away,” said DeMao. “People tend to look at their business and personal lives separately.”
The synergy comes into play when business and personal goals are viewed together.
DeMao said that having energy in all business or all personal life is exhausting.
“That feeling is the result of feeling guilty for wanting a balance,” said DeMao. “It’s draining.”
DeMao shattered the misconception that people don’t have control of what happens in their business or personal lives.
“How we react or respond to situations are what have the ultimate affect on our futures,” said DeMao. “Our thoughts dictate that more than anything else.”
The people taking the seminar were as diverse as DeMao’s thinking on the subject of synergy.
Tina Duvall was one of approximately five people taking the seminar. Duvall’s work situation is changing from the family side to the business side.
“I’m coming out of motherhood and raising children and entering into the workplace,” said Duvall. “I’m looking for balance and focus.”
Paradise Gardens Garden Center owner Marta Carlson, meantime, said she felt she was too business-focused.
“By the end of the day, I’m not physically exhausted but mentally exhausted,” said Carlson. “I don’t want to deal with one more issue.”
Carlson added one of her major personal goals was to be able to spend more time with her two children.
DeMao reiterated the fact that work/life balance doesn’t work and through the seminar she hoped to change that ideal.
“After today, don’t ever use the word ‘balance’ again,” said DeMao. “Think synergy. Creating goal synergy starts personally”
To illustrate the point, DeMao gave an example of balance – a plate spinner – versus synergy – a juggler.
“Juggling becomes more of a team effort,” said DeMao. “A plate spinner is on his own to keep the plates going.”
DeMao credited three “agreements” that changed her life.
The agreements are: be impeccable with your word; make no assumptions; don’t take anything personally; and strive to do your personal best.
“When I put these agreements into action, my business and personal life soared,” said DeMao.
One tool DeMao encouraged attendees to use is the practice of mind mapping which DeMao said helps to see “the big picture.”
“In mind mapping, it’s important to keep your mind open to all possible support and resources,” said DeMao. “It makes life easier.”
DeMao is a living testament to the power of synergy.
Ever since she was a child, she wanted to learn to play the saxophone.
The day before her birthday, she inquired at Notable Music about saxophones and sax lessons.
The next day, on her birthday, she received a saxophone as a gift.
The moral of the story, DeMao said, is be proactive with your goals.
“You also have to be passionate about goals,” said DeMao. “Otherwise, they won’t happen.”

For more information on seminars or on SLD Unlimited Marketing/PR, call (704) 483-2941.
by Jon Mayhew

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