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Thank you due to Wal-Mart and its ever-alert employees

In the past, we have never been hesitant to take Wal-Mart to task for practices we deem not in the best interest of the general populace.
Conversely, when a person, people or an organization do perform a service in which benefits our community — and done so in a manner that doesn’t set out to call attention to itself — we laud and extend our thanks and congratulations.
The recent actions of Wal-Mart and its employees fall into the latter category.
Late last week, a man purported to be on Homeland Security’s terrorist watch alert was reported as having jetted in from California and, with the aid of another man, purchased a number of pre-paid cell phones and phone cards in excess. Alert Wal-Mart personnel seized upon this and the proper authorities were contacted.
In the end, although no laws were broken, the actions of these two individuals were (and is) cause for concern. We applaud the people who work at Wal-Mart who were astute enough to pick up on something and sense something might be wrong, and to act upon those suspicions. In this day and age, when it’s too easy to deliberately turn a blind eye or offer the feeble excuse, “I thought “they” (being someone else) was handling it, these employees did the right thing.
Whether this is part of the training process Wal-Mart teaches its employees, or if it’s something the employees themselves did from a proper upbringing — or even a combination of both, this community’s deepest gratitude is due.
Thank you.
by Steve Steiner

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