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Shriners break ground

The Lincoln County Shrine Club officially broke ground for a new 5,000-square-foot facility on Cat Square Road, Vale this past Saturday. Construction was expected to begin Monday, and the project is expected to be completed in about six months.
This is an exciting and long-anticipated day for the club. The Shriners have been using a small, converted store building for fund raising and meetings since the clubs inception in the 1980s.
Its numbers have grown to over 120, necessitating the need for a new structure as the current site’s maximum capacity is set at about 40 people. The current building size also limits the type of events that can be held. Ample space in this new building will allow us to hold indoor functions and also to accommodate more active members. This equates to a greater ability to raise money for the hospitals.
This new edifice is in part a result of the gesture of one of the founding members, Hal Wood, who willed a generous portion of his estate to be used for this project. This money will cover nearly one-third of the construction cost; it quickly pushed this dream to fruition.
The Lincoln County Shrine Club is a non-profit, philanthropic organization that works to provide funds to operate 22 Shriner’s Hospitals for crippled and burned children throughout North America. These hospitals provide services free of charge and depend on the fund raising efforts of local clubs and units to pay operating expenses. This money comes from local people whose generosity and support make it all possible.
The Lincoln County Shrine Club has helped numerous children from Lincoln County receive care from the Shriner’s hospitals over the years and continue to do so.
When you see a Shriner or Shrine fundraiser, please donate freely to the worthy cause of helping the crippled or burned child. For more information or to request assistance, please contact me, Donnie Sain, Lincoln County Shrine Club president at (704) 740-6753 or just ask any Shriner.
by Special to the LTN

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