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Poe named new ELAC chair

Another Denver attorney has been named chairwoman of the Lincolnton/Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce’s East Lincoln Area Council (ELAC).
Kimberly Poe’s first meeting as chairwoman was in January. She accepted the position from Denver attorney Todd Wulfhorst.
According to ELAC vice chairman Ken Morris, Wulfhorst had been serving as both ELAC chairman and board representative to the chamber.
“Since Todd’s term was up on the chamber board, we thought as a group it would be better for everyone that one person serves as ELAC chairman, while another person serves as chamber representative,” said Morris, who as vice chair serves on the chamber membership board.
Morris said that the goals for ELAC for the upcoming year are outlined in the chamber’s program of work.
Goals include developing an action plan that would unite the east Lincoln business community; support beautification efforts in east Lincoln; and promote the merger of city and county water/sewer services.
One item originally on the program of work – incorporation of Denver – is something the ELAC board will not be looking at in the near future.
“That’s more of a political issue,” said Morris. “That’s more for the East Lincoln Betterment Association (ELBA) to look at than us. We’re interested in bettering the east Lincoln business community.”
Morris added he’s “tickled to death” to have Poe as ELAC chairwoman.
For Poe, the chairmanship is another role for the mother of three – twin boys David and Chris, 2, and daughter Lindsey, 4 – and attorney that gives her a chance to have “face time” with people.
Interaction and her children, Poe said, are the two main reasons why she opened her own law practice on N.C. 16 in Denver.
“I’ve lived in Iron Station for eight years but spent six years commuting to a law firm in Charlotte,” said Poe. “I wanted to be closer to my home and family.”
The Catawba County native said she doesn’t view her law practice as a job.
“It’s more of a way of life,” said Poe. “In Charlotte, I rarely saw clients. Now, however, there’s a lot of face-to-face interaction where I feel like I’m more of a help to people.”
One year after opening her practice, Poe started getting involved with ELAC.
The big issue her first year was the changes to the county’s sign ordinance.
Also, the council started figuring out how to help meet the demands of explosive growth coming to Denver.
“The question before us is how can we meet demands in east Lincoln,” said Poe, adding that the issue of the chamber operating an office in east Lincoln isn’t a “dead issue.”
Poe, who said she was approached by a fellow ELAC member when Wulfhorst was ready to step aside, said her biggest fear was the commitment of time.
“I wondered if I had enough time to do this, as well as being a mother and an attorney,” said Poe. “I want to be sure that I focus on this properly.”
Poe stressed as chairwoman, she didn’t want to base future decisions on just her opinions.
“I need a consensus of the most pressing needs here in east Lincoln,” said Poe. “I’m the chair with a group.”
Chamber president Ken Kindley said Wulfhorst served his three full years on the board and rotated off.
“Vice chairman Ken Morris selected Kim Poe to be the chairwoman,” said Kindley.
Wulfhorst said that the committee as a whole chose Poe.
“They made a good choice,” said Wulfhorst. “I’m still going to be on the board.”
by Jon Mayhew

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