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Before starting the engine

What is going on here? In just a matter of days, Lincoln County roads have been the scene of a profundity of automobile collisions
While one resulted in minor injuries — to which all of us are grateful — one of the accidents resulted in the loss of a vibrant, young life, to which we grieve and family and friends mourn. A collision between two vehicles Sunday necessitated a helicopter being called to the scene.
We can understand how accidents that occurred Thursday might be attributable to road conditions due to snow and, in some locations, ice and, as the snow melted, wet roads. However the overwhelming number of accidents took place before Thursday, or on Friday and Sunday when the snow was all gone and roads were (for the most part) dry.
We cannot help but question the cause of these accidents? Is it a case of drivers not paying attention? Is it a matter in which the Department of Transportation needs to be alerted? What?
Regardless, please, when you get behind the wheel, bear in mind the awesome responsibilities that come with the privilege of being allowed to drive.
by Steve Steiner

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