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Resource officer attends Hollywood ceremony

Two weeks ago, Steven Baxter traded in his North Carolina school attire for a California tuxedo.
On Jan. 15 the West Lincoln High School resource officer worked security at the 64th annual Golden Globes awards ceremony in Hollywood.
“It was good to experience it,” Baxter said. “If I got the opportunity, I would probably do it again.”
Baxter first became aware of the opportunity in October when his coworker at his part-time job, Kevin McVey, told him about it.
McVey is a retired police officer from Nassau County, N.Y. He was friends with the owner of Elite Security Group, the company in charge of working the Globes.
Both Baxter and McVey turned in their information for background checks.
“I decided to do it just for the experience. I just thought it would a good opportunity not a lot of people get,” said Baxter.
He didn’t think he would actually be selected.
“I really didn’t think it would pan out. I didn’t think they would need anybody else,” Baxter said.
The two were notified of their selection in November and flew to Los Angeles on Sunday, Jan.14.
Baxter, who had never been to California, didn’t expect the frosty weather.
“We were actually surprised because the weather when we went there was colder than it was here,” he said.
Although he was able to walk up Rodeo Drive and stay in the Beverly Hilton hotel, there wasn’t much time for sightseeing. The men began their detail at 7 a.m. the day of the Globes, well before the guests started to arrive.
Instead of on the red carpet, Baxter and McVey’s post was actually inside the International Ballroom, where the show was taped. The two men escorted the winners to the pressroom after they received their awards.
Although he isn’t a huge movie-star person, Baxter said he did get excited seeing so many celebrities at once.
“There weren’t any in particular that I wanted to see. Getting to see Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks was a neat experience,” he said.
Baxter said one of the things that surprised him was just how gracious many celebrities were after receiving and presenting their awards. If he had to pick the most personable, it would George Clooney.
“The majority of the celebrities we saw were excited. It was kinda of neat to see they still got excited about winning awards,” Baxter said.
That politeness extended outside the show as well. hile actors get a bad reputation for being cold, Baxter said while staying at the hotel many celebrities, including Sean Combs and Drew Barrymore, would go over to fans and talk to them.
Working offstage, the two men did not get a chance to see much of the show. Baxter, who usually watches the event from home, did get to see some it afterwards when he returned to the hotel.
Now back in Lincoln County, most people who Baxter has told about his experience have been excited. The only person who wasn’t ecstatic was his son, whose birthday was the next day after the event.
Baxter said his son was happy, however, when he called and told him he met the star of his favorite show, House.
“I called and said I got to see Hugh Laurie. He was really excited,” said Baxter.
by Mary Williams

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