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Job well done

Earlier this week we extended congratulations to new board of education member Carl Robinson for airing his concerns about developments that have occurred regarding the East Lincoln High School practice field. We lauded his tenacity and the stand he took and encouraged his fellow board members to follow suit.
Today, we have nothing but praise for the members of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office for the outstanding effort they put forth investigating and ultimately arresting the person believed to have murdered Lawana Morton.
We are well aware there may be some possible murmerings by a disaffected segment of Lincoln County’s populace, who will be quick to point fingers and proclaim that law enforcement wouldn’t have been so diligent had the victim not been a member of the Sheriff’s Office.
They would be (and are) wrong.
Time and again, both Lincolnton City Police and Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office personnel have brought swift resolution to crimes that have occurred, with evidence and proof that have stood up when challenged in court.
Yes, we are sure, there are cases still under investigation that haven’t proceded as rapidly as the general population or law enforcement would like, but we venture to say those are probably in the minority.
When you compare Lincolnton and Lincoln Counties to others throughout North Carolina, if not the entire U.S., we are very fortunate indeed.
Thank you, every man and woman who puts on a uniform.
by Steve Steiner

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