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Music store hitting all the right notes

For Lincoln County native Buffy Macsherry, music has always been in her blood.
After graduating Lincolnton High School, Macsherry earned a degree in music education from Catawba College in Salisbury.
As many people do upon college graduation, they get jobs in places other than their hometown. If they’re fortunate, the jobs are in the field of study in which they earned their degrees. Macsherry was one of those fortunate to do just that.
“I taught music and gave voice lessons,” said Macsherry.
That voluntary exodus away from their hometowns sometimes can be of short duration. Some people, however, come back home because jobs are available at home; others, however, come home for family obligations.
Macsherry came home in 2002 to take over her mother’s estate after she passed away.
“I went to work for Lincoln County Schools and ended up working at St. James Elementary in Denver,” said Macsherry. “I didn’t know if I was originally going to stay, but I ended up staying.”
Macsherry’s ongoing health issues, however, caused Macsherry and her husband, Stewart, to reevaluate what the couple wanted to do.
The idea came to Buffy Macsherry to open a music store.
Macsherry said the idea was originally “hatched” 15 years ago while working in a music store, awaiting word about a potential teaching job in Atlanta, but nothing ever came up beyond it.
Nor would it return until May 2005.
“Stewart and I were on our way to Raleigh, talking about what we wanted to do,” said Macsherry. “We were goofing around about ideas and I suggested that if we were serious about a business, what about a music store?”
Then Macsherry ran into one of her former students, who told her a Lincolnton music store was going out of business.
On top of that, she discovered that the old Worsham’s Furniture store on N.C. 16 next to Modern Electric was available. With all that, the idea just about fell into place.
“It’s took almost four months to open the store,” said Macsherry, adding the store opened in September with the name Notable Music. It’s name is apropos, for what it offers to musicians is indeed notable.
The store is able to not only sell or rent instruments but also service instruments as well.
Eileen Zimmerman of Lincolnton commutes to Denver specifically to come to Notable Music. Her daughter Kate, 14, is starting guitar lessons.
“I came in to get a guitar restrung and tuned,” said Zimmerman. “What struck me is that everyone here is so friendly.”

Melissa McKinney with Notable Music in Denver recently displayed a guitar for sale. Jon Mayhew / LTN Photo

One of those people, Melissa McKinney, an aspiring singer who meantime works at Notable Music. As a musicion, McKinney usually plays keyboard with a full band, but she is also trying to launch a solo career. Towards that goal, she is expanding her musical acumen by learning guitar.
“I have so much fun here because I get to teach piano and play the guitar and keyboard,” said McKinney, adding she likes the teaching aspect of the store. “The kids here really enjoy learning.”
“This isn’t work, I love it. I get paid to do this,” said McKinney.
According to Buffy Macsherry, teachers who give lessons at Notable Music either have a degree in music or a long range of experience.
“In other words, there aren’t any high school kids that are coming in to teach,” said Macsherry.
Macsherry said she handles the music end of the business and oversees the learning environment; her husband Stewart handles the business end.
It’s a combination that hits all of the right notes.
“He has business experience with no music degree,” said Macsherry. “I have the music experience with no business degree.”

Notable Music is located on N.C. 16 in the old Worsham’s Furniture location. Hours are 2 – 7 p.m. Mondays; 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays; and 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Saturdays. For more information, call (704) 489-0102. To book singer Melissa McKinney, call (704) 906-0551.
by Jon Mayhew

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