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Growth hits Denver Fire Department like a wildfire

(Left photo) A sign touting the opening of one of two new Denver substations sits on Webbs Road, as the Denver Fire Department recently held the groundbreakings to commemorate the start of construction on both facilities. (Right photo, left to right) Denver Fire chief Jay Flynn stood with DFD board members David Noble, Lee Killian, and Richard Sigmon Jr., along with Jerry Joe Woody prior to the Kidville Road groundbreaking. Ron McCann / LTN Photo

Fire trucks recently raced to two different Denver locations; Webbs Road and Kidville Road.
It wasn’t a fire or a medical emergency that brought firefighters out in droves; it was a groundbreaking for two new Denver Fire Department substations.
Community members and government leaders also gathered at both locations for ceremonies that marked the beginning of the projects that cost a grand total of $1.9 million.
According to Denver Fire Department chief Jay Flynn, the groundbreakings culminate five years of planning.

Members of the Denver Fire Department and the community recently broke ground on two new substations that will be located on Kidville Road and Webbs Road. Ron McCann / LTN Photo

“With the growth coming to Denver, this has become more of a need over time,” said Flynn, adding the two new substations will bring the southwestern part of the DFD district within five miles. “This will bring additional unlimited service to our residents.”
The Kidville substation will be 4,000-square-feet with two drive-through bays. The substation will be manned 24 hours a day and will hold two engines.
The Webbs Road substation, however, will be bigger.
That building will be 5,000-square-feet with three drive through bays and will be manned 24 hours per day with two engines, a DFD truck and the DFD boat, known as Marine 19.
Denver Construction Company will build both new substations simultaneously and the project should be completed later this year.
Residents Pete and Katie Sigmon have lived on Webbs Road since 1977.
Katie Sigmon said she’s been hearing rumors of the community getting a substation there. Those rumors were confirmed with the groundbreaking.
“As a senior citizen, I know I’m getting a certain amount of protection,” said Sigmon. “With the substation right at my front door, I feel I’m getting a little extra protection.”
In the minds of many – including Lincoln County Commission chairman Tom Anderson – was the recent Governor’s Island fire on Christmas Day that destroyed a residence and ended up doing over $2 million in damage.
“We never know when fire services will be required,” said Anderson. “Like they were that day, two miles from here.”
Anderson said he lives near one of the new substations.
“We’re eternally grateful for the services you provide,” said Anderson. “By bringing issues to the county commissioners that you need to do your work, you put yourself in a position to do the best possible job.”
Lee Killian was one of several men who organized the DFD over 50 years ago.
He said he never imagined that the department – much less Denver – would undergo massive growth.
“We’re keeping up with the times,” said Killian.
Lincoln County Fire Marshal Mike Futrell said DFD is the first fire department in the county to have complete fire protection in its district.
“More fire departments will be protecting lives and property as this growth starts sliding west,” said Futrell.
County commissioner Jim Klein called Flynn a “champion” of the Denver Fire Department.
“These substations are coming ahead of the growth,” said Klein. “We’re really glad to see that.”
Klein added its comforting to see increased service in eastern Lincoln County.

(Left to right) DFD fire chief Jay Flynn chatted with county commissioners Jim Klein and Tom Anderson after one of the groundbreakings. Ron McCann / LTN Photo

“Flynn understands value, because the buildings will be identical with the exception of the third bay on Webbs Road,” said Klein. “It’s a good deal and quite a feat for building two substations at less than $2 million.”

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by Jon Mayhew

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