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Georgia Dugout Club to induct Gerald Queen

Gerald (Jerry) Queen has been selected for induction into the Georgia Dugout Club’s Baseball Hall of Fame. Queen will be inducted 11 a.m. Jan. 20 at the Sheraton Downtown in Atlanta at 11 a.m. At the same time all players and coaches of the year for 2006 will be announced.
Queen’s home town is High Shoals. He is the son of the late J.D. and Fleta Ballard Queen. He graduated from Lincolnton High School in 1962. In the Lincolnton area his dad, J.D., is still revered as a famous baseball player from the 1940s.
At age four, Queen was stricken with polio. The affliction left him only able to play golf in high school, where he was voted MVP on the 1962 LHS golf team.
It was not until graduating from North Carolina State University in 1966 and moving to Atlanta that his baseball prowess began to show.
Queen won five state championships and two runner-ups in his 17 year tenure at Marist High School. His record for that same period was 375 – 124. He retired in 1989 due to declining health.
In 2002, the high school renovated the entire baseball complex and named the baseball field after him. A permanent plaque resides just behind home plate proclaiming “Jerry Queen Field.”
Queen was nominated by his fellow coaches in Georgia on seven different occasions as the National High School Baseball Coach of the Year.
Next to Marist naming the field after him, Jerry says this latest recognition is the highest honor ever bestowed on him.

About the Georgia Dugout Club
The Atlanta Dugout Club, since renamed The Georgia Dugout Club, was founded in 1965. It was formed to honor both high school and collegiate baseball programs and players in all of Georgia. Only a few have been selected to the club’s prestigious Hall of Fame.
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