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Chamber promotional items now available

(Top photo) The Lincolnton/Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce has new postcards available for 50 cents each. (Bottom photo) President Ken Kindley and administrative assistant Lisa Wallace check out the new postcards. Jon Mayhew / LTN Photo

What is seven inches long, five inches wide and is in such demand the Lincolnton/Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce will sell 2,500 in a very short time?
The answer? The annual chamber postcard.
For more than 15 years, the chamber has been printing postcards that capture the flavor of Lincoln County.
Chamber president Ken Kindley said the cards started via a multitude of requests.
“People who would come to visit Lincoln County would ask for postcards,” said Kindley. “Since they were in such demand, we thought we’d start a supply.”
Kindley said the only major change to the postcard this year is that it’s bigger than in previous years.
Three of the five pictures on the postcard were taken by Kindley when he wasn’t spending hours visiting chamber members or working behind his desk.
Pictures on the postcard include snapshots from the rolling hills of west Lincoln to the chamber’s annual golf tournament at Cowan’s Ford Country Club in the east to a large crowd at the annual Apple Festival in Lincolnton.
There’s even a shot of chamber member Aaron Wood with Katie Wood Inc. sailing on Lake Norman.
The fifth picture is that of the Lincoln Cultural Center in Lincolnton.
“People who visit Lincoln County always say they want a keepsake of their visit,” said Kindley.
Through working with chamber member Lincoln Printing, the chamber spent $400 on the postcard project and are selling the postcards at 50 cents each.
The postcards are but one of several promotional materials the chamber has available to the public.
Two brochures are also available through the chamber. One highlights historical places in Lincoln County, while the other highlights the quality of life in the city of Lincolnton.
Earlier this year, the chamber worked on a brochure with the Lincoln County Historical Association called “Historic Lincoln County North Carolina, a Window to the Past.”
“I get several calls per day on average for genealogical information,” said historical coordinator Darrell Harkey. “I got a call from a woman in Colorado asking why Denver was named Denver.” Harkey said Denver, N.C. was originally Dry Pond, named after a Confederate regiment. The town was renamed Denver in 1876 after the capital city in Colorado, which joined the United States in the same year.
Harkey said more than 19,000 brochures were printed, some of which he hand-carried himself.
“I took some to South Carolina, Pittsburgh and Gettysburg in Pennsylvania,” said Harkey. “I’ve gotten a lot of calls requesting more but we don’t have anymore printed. It’s one of the most worthwhile bits of advertisement that’s ever been done in the county that’s had more far reaching effects.”
The other brochure, “Lovable Lincolnton” highlights information on the city including demographic and contact information.
Kindley said the chamber spent $1,000 to reproduce the brochure in conjunction with the business and community development office headed by Brad Guth.
According to Kindley, a third project is in the works.
“While I’m visiting members, I’m working on a brochure where I’m currently taking pictures of the hospital and recreational areas in Lincoln County,” said Kindley. “I’ve taken pictures of the schools and governmental buildings where people can see that Lincoln County has nice things.”
The new brochure will emphasize the promotion of travel and tourism in Lincoln County. The brochure is also expected to highlight demographic information about the entire county.
Kindley said he sees a lot of requests for demographic information on Lincoln County. The postcards and brochures are a couple of ways the chamber can fulfill the requests.
“Generally each year, we get requests for information from 35 states and three countries,” said Kindley. “Our website over the last four years has generated more than 200,000 hits as well.”
According to Kindley, the goal of the promotional products, whether brochure or postcard, is simple.
“It’s showing that in receiving monies from the city and county via the hotel/motel tax, Lincoln County is the place to be,” said Kindley.
The postcards will be available until supplies are exhausted.

For more information, call (704) 735-3096 or visit the Web site: www.lincolnchambernc.org
by Jon Mayhew

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