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Burn victim has merry Christmas

In July, Colton Adams, 1, suffered first-, second- and third-degree burns to his face after he was involved in a kitchen accident involving bacon grease.
“I can’t think of a worse hell than watching that baby – it was like watching his face melt,” said Marla Adams, Colton’s mother, who rushed him to the hospital after the incident. “It was horrible.”
When members of the Crouse Volunteer Fire Department learned about his plight, they decided to do what they could to make his Christmas a little merrier.
“When you think of a kid, it always goes to your heart,” said Clyde Ledford Jr., chief of the Crouse VFD.
With money raised by the Lincoln County Chapter of the Firefighters Burned Children Fund, Colton and his five brothers and sisters were treated to a shopping spree the day after Christmas.
“It’s sweet,” said Adams. “It’s really thoughtful.”
The children stocked up on nearly $400 of clothes and toys.
And while the shopping spree was an excellent part of the Adams’ Christmas, what makes it even better is Colton’s health.
“He’s doing great,” said Adams. “He’s doing better than the doctors even expected.”
Since the incident, Colton has received care in both North Carolina and at a Shriner’s hospital in Ohio.
“If it wasn’t for the Shriner’s I don’t know what we would have done to tell you the truth,” Adams said. “They were beyond great.”
They have visited Ohio four times since August, each trip requiring an eight-10 hour drive one way.
“The family had to travel to Cincinnati quite a bit, and it took a toll on them for sure,” said Tony Jenkins with the Firefighters Burned Children Fund.
He’s glad the organization could do its small part to help Colton, who Jenkins calls “a sharp little fellow.”
Besides helping Lincoln County children like Colton, money raised by the organization also goes to the North Carolina J.C. Burn Center and Camp Celebrate, which specifically serves burned children.
The Firefighters Burned Children Fund raises money through collecting cans at all area fire departments.
To find out more about can collection locations or the Firefighters Burned Children Fund call Jenkins at (704) 735-2244.
by Sarah Grano

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