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2006 a remarkable year

We can’t help but conjure up the image of the Energizer Rabbit when we look back upon the year Lincoln County has had. If ever the expression “Have a prosperous new year” rings true, it is here.
Just before 2006 lapses, let’s take stock.
Not only has the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce broken through a threshold few chambers its size ever attain, it was a banner year for grand openings — and the latter show no signs of abatement as we approach the waning days of 2006. Ken Kindley and his staff are truly to be complimented.
Ditto Barry Matherly and his crew. Pardon the verbal pun, but LEDA has definitely been a leader in demonstrating to the world just how viable Lincoln County is. New businesses have come to our county and a number of current ones have expanded and added more personnel — many at levels way above what has been determined “a living wage.”
Downtown is viable and thriving. Despite the fact several establishments shut the doors, (in most instances) others have rapidly taken their place, prompting an uptick in demand. And whether it’s Hog Happenin’, Alive After Five, the Apple Festival, any of several parades and other events, all culminating in downtown bedecked in Christmas light finery, you can be sure Brad Guth of the Downtown Development Association and his band of people have had an instrumental role, thus deserve to take a bow to a hearty round of applause.
The list goes on and on and includes the city of Lincolnton, the Cultural Center, other civic and civic-minded organizations — a list far too extensive to adequately cover and do justice. So suffice it to say, we acknowledge and tip our hat to all of them. Everyone and every organization has earned our respect and gratitude.
Yes, 2006 has been a truly remarkable year for Lincoln County.
Here’s to 2007!
by Steve Steiner

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