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Making music with the masters

Hundreds of Lincoln County fifth-graders made their musical debut with the North Carolina Symphony Thursday morning.
“I loved it,” said Jason Lambeck, a student at Iron Station Elementary School. “You’re a kid, and you’re playing with professionals.”
The symphony’s stop in Lincolnton has been a long-time tradition. Thursday evening, the symphony presented a concert for adults, but the morning was all about educating children.
“It’s an honor,” said Rena Summerlin, a music teacher at St. James Elementary School. “Not very many schools in North Carolina get to come and play with the symphony.”
Many music classes spent all semester preparing for the visit to the symphony.
“It’s a real curriculum-enriching opportunity,” said Elaine Jenkins, associate superintendent for curriculum.
It’s also an excellent opportunity for students to connect with their creative, musical sides.
“Who knows what this may spark in a child,” Jenkins said. “I say every year ‘Someday one of you may be sitting up here.’”
Even if they never pursue a career in music, the field trip at least provided a morning of educational enjoyment.
Alex Mason, a student at Iron Station Elementary School, said the event was like “going to a carnival and having so much fun.”
Mason and her fellow students behaved themselves by sitting quietly and listening while the symphony performed.

The North Carolina Symphony played two concerts Thursday – one for area fifth-grade students (pictured above) and an evening performance for adults. Chris Dean / LTN Photo

Listening-time was always interrupted with interaction, however. Assistant Conductor Joan Landry often addressed the children asking them questions (“Did that sound happy?”), complimenting the audience (“Very good listening everybody”) and pointing out instruments (“The bassoons – take a look at them. Beautiful!”).
The students also had a chance to put their recorders to their lips and play with the symphony.
More than one student left proclaiming “I love music” and planning to continue studying it – something music teachers love to hear.
“Music is important to all areas of academic study,” Summerlin said. “It teaches self control, discipline. It gives students an ability to express themselves in ways they may not experience in other areas of life.”
by Sarah Grano

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