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Please come forward

Shortly over a year ago, during November 2005, a crime spree was taking place in which acts of first degree burglary, second degree kidnapping and robbery with a dangerous weapon — as so listed by the Lincolnton Police Department — were possibly perpetrated by Tyrone Javod Rendleman.
The overwhelming majority of known victims are Hispanic, and now it appears as those victims are either nowhere to be located or have left no forwarding address in which they can be contacted, hence the district attorney’s case may be in jeopardy.
It has long been suspected that whoever committed these criminal acts specifically targeted these victims for that very reason; that the possibility would be slim these victims would still be in this area by the time the case came to trial.
It would be unfortunate if this is indeed the situation; that as a result the case has to be dropped and a person who is possibly responsible may once again be walking the streets; at worst, if Rendleman is indeed innocent, he is beingdenied his day in court and the chance to clear his name.
If anyone knows the whereabouts of the following, they are urged to contact the Lincolnton Police Department at (704) 736-8900. The witnesses sought are:
Brandy Nicole Pigg, Luis Alonzo Solis-Boza, Carla Gabriela Varela, John Suaza Betancur, Ricardo Castro, Benor Viquezt Ugalde, Marco Antonio Garcia, Ramira Ramos Garcia, Leticia Vergara, Leslie Ramos and Adrian Andrade.
by Steve Steiner

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