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Twist and Tuck

Twist and Tuck Trampoline and Tumbling Team traveled to Knoxville, Tenn. in October for a regional clinic to study the fields of power tumbling and trampoline. In November, they were in Kernersville, where they trained with three top ranking athletes: Ryan Weston, eight-time National Trampoline Champion; Casey Finley, world champion in tumbling and double mini; and Yulia Hall, two-time USSR national champion, two-time United States national champion, world cup champion and World Games medalist in power tumbling. The Twist and Tuck team consists of 32 athletes. They will have their first meet Saturday at Twist and Tuck in Lincolnton. Pictured above are (back row, left to right) Renee Moody, Ryan Weston, Yulia Hall, Casey Finley and Rick Moody; (second row, left to right) Allison Duemmer, Makayla Auton, Caroline Holland and Kelsey Finger; (third row, left to right) Anna Rutledge, Caroline Medlock, Haley Lowman, Blaire Reynolds, Nicoleta Richard, Kristina Stoner, Kate Medlock and Kelsey Brittain and (front row, left to right) Alexis Baldwin, Taylor Umbarger and Addyson Ikard. Pictured below are (back row, left to right) Rick Moody and Renee Moody; (second row, left to right) Ryan Weston, Louis McFry and Lucas Young and (front row, left to right) Yulia Hall, Lauren Butler, Kayla Berryhill, Katie Jurewicz, Keaton Allen and Casey Finley.

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