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Help the Krewe help kids

Keith Turner may no longer be among us, but without a doubt, he remains in the hearts and souls of many who had the distinct pleasure of rubbing elbows with him and working side by side with him to make Lincoln County’s YMCA the vibrant entity that it is.
One of the endeavors dear to Turner was making sure county children could attend YMCA summer camp, and towards that end he and others came up with an annual Krewe event.
Akin to the Krewes found in New Orleans and other communities in Louisiana, Lincoln County’s Krewe has raised several tens of thousands of dollars over the past few years, but don’t let yourself be fooled or grow complacent. There can never be any letting up when it comes to providing for the children of Lincoln County.
If you haven’t become involved before, do so now. If you have been active in the past, continue doing so today.
Lincoln County has one of the best YMCAs in the area, and with good cause, and one of those good causes is its Krewe.

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