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EMS looking for home for rescued bird

A lucky, lost bird landed in the right place at the right time recently.
EMS shift supervisor Mike Turner encountered the strange visitor while he enjoyed lunch with colleague Mike Seymour two weeks ago.
A yellow bird sat on a fence a few yards away. Seymour had never seen a wild bird quite like that. Intrigued, he ventured over to the creature.
As soon as he got close, the bird hopped on Seymour’s finger. When he brought it closer to Turner, the critter jumped onto the picnic table and began eating the fruit Turner brought for lunch.
“I think he was starved,” said Turner.
Turner got some water for the bold bird, but then left on an emergency call.
The bird wouldn’t let him get away that easily.
A few hours later, administrative secretary Jodi Huffman heard a strange noise. She looked up from her desk and there he was, flapping against the front entrance, pecking furiously.
“He wanted in. I guess he was still hungry,” said Turner. “He ended up sitting in here with me all day.”
Turner thinks that the bird is some sort of canary. It is primarily bright yellow with a green underbelly and black spots.
The bird also has quite a personality, according to Turner.
He bobs his head up and down to music and is as comfortable flying around the office as he is hanging out in the small cage EMS workers purchased for him.
It’s obvious he’s won a place in his new companion’s hearts. Turner’s coworkers bring in snacks and toys for the bird. He’s even earned the nicknames “MT” and “Mikey” after one of his rescuers.
“He’s a good old bird,” said EMS worker Wattie Hamilton.
Unfortunately, the bird won’t be able to live among his rescuers much longer.
The EMS department is only a temporary home for the bird, much to Turner’s chagrin.
He wanted to keep the well-behaved bird as a sort of EMS mascot, but discovered he was not allowed to keep it in the facility.
“He was definitely someone’s pet,” said Turner.
Turner would like to see the bird returned to its rightful owners. If no one claims it, the bird will still be in good hands.
“A lot of people here told me they want him,” said Turner. “He’s got a good home if he needs one.”
For Turner, this serendipitous rescue was a welcome one.
“Compared to what we’re normally subjected to in daily life at EMS, this is a nice change,” he said. “He’s a neat bird.”
Want to help? If you are the bird’s owner or know anything about this lost pet, please call Lincoln County’s EMS offices at (704) 736-9385.
by Katie Rozycki

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